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A niche market helps FashionableFabrics gain traffic

Fashionable Fabrics is owned and operated by Leslee Maples an entrepreneur as well as a mother - or, as she calls it, a “Mompreneur.” specializes in fabrics for those who love to sew but are unable to find the right material or don’t have the time to go out and search for it. Fashionable Fabrics’ target market is women who enjoy sewing.

Her site not only includes fabrics but also tips such as cleaning, sewing, and ideas for fabrics. Leslee also creates a newsletter that is dedicated to her client base; it contains tips that might be helpful when beginning to sew their next project.

Although she doesn’t have as much time as she would like to invest in her company, she still has marketing tools to get her site noticed by search engines. One of her tactics she believes has worked quite well is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By using MonsterWebPromotion’s SEO services, her site comes up in the top ten positions within the search engines for many keywords.

“I have utilized Monster’s SEO service and have found it to be extremely valuable,” says Leslee.

Leslee created her website with the help of MonsterCommerce web design team - MonsterWebDesign. With the assistance of her designer, she now has a beautiful site designed specifically for her target market, female seamstresses.

“Since I am targeting such a niche market, it is very important that the site address and cater to their needs,” says Leslee. “It contains features that women value and not any that frustrate them.”

Another approach Leslee uses is the idea of the more information the better. By providing her clients with the most information possible, they are able to make a purchase rather than shop around.

Leslee relies heavily on repeat customers and makes sure they feel as welcomed as possible through personal e-mails and promotions. She wants to eventually dedicate herself even more, but until then she can rely on MonsterWebPromotion to perform the SEO which is helping her gain enough traffic to get to the next step.


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Published: 2005/08/10 09:15:12 GMT
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